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Smart phones outnumber basic cell phones and the gap is widening daily – with a billion mobile apps downloaded each month on iPhone and Android platforms, knowing how to create mobile apps is an increasingly valuable business skill in DC.

Learn for free all you need to know about mobile app development – Washington small business owners act now!

Our free training on building mobile apps for your small business will prepare you to jump into mobile app development. DC business owners can take our video course for free. From how to choose a mobile apps developer, DC market specific, to which mobile app development company will best suit you – our free course is a great place to start!


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We live in an increasingly mobile world! With over 100 million Americans using Android, Blackberry and iPhones, consumers look to mobile apps developers to entertain, inform and help them. By building mobile applications that appeal to your target customers, you will intrigue and engage and ultimately build your brand.

One firm that specializes in mobile apps development, Washington DC specific, said recently of the need to create mobile apps, “I think it’s the future of computing, so I don’t think mobile applications are going to get smaller ever again. I think it’s going to get bigger.”


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Aren’t Mobile Apps Just Videogames? How Will That Help My Business?

True, many mobile apps have entertainment as their focus – think Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Words with Friends – but even the free version of those apps have been loaded up with local ads by their mobile apps developers. Beyond being fun, apps can inform and equip people to deal with problems in their lives or help them make decisions. If you can be either useful or amusing when you create mobile apps, you can get downloads. Downloaded apps drive brand awareness which in turn drives sales.

For mobile app development, Washington is an active marketplace. Local apps are trending in popularity right now and small business, city government, charities and more are learning how to create mobile apps to reach their targeted customer – for instance, check out these real-world uses for mobile app development – DC market specific. Small businesses like yours:

  • Create mobile apps that offer information – florists are building mobile apps that explain what different flowers mean, remind you of special occasions and allow you to research, design and instantly click to order – building mobile applications that take the user from browsing to buying seamlessly are the most effective
  • Create mobile apps that offer solutions – dry cleaners have learned how to create mobile apps that tell you how to treat a stain as soon as it happens with what you have on hand – then the mobile app development company added geo-location services that tell you how to get to the dry cleaner to drop off the stained item – and offers a discount to come in right away – this was the brainchild of the client working closely with the mobile apps developer – Washington women loved this app
  • Building mobile applications that engage – bars have worked with mobile apps developer – DC firms – on building mobile apps that allow patrons to create signature drinks – they mix them up onscreen, get a flavor review and rating and submit them to the bar’s mobile website – when they come into the bar, they can order their signature cocktail by name – the mobile apps developers integrated the customer creations into the sales menu of the bar – to allow them to get their drink on the spot


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For mobile app development, Washington has plenty of resources to help you – from mobile apps developers to mobile marketing companies, you won’t be alone. Start with our free training on how to work with a mobile apps developer – DC has hundreds, if not thousand to choose from – to help you brainstorm a creative app idea to launch.

Learn how to prepare for your strategy session with your mobile apps developer. Washington small business owners need to know what they want before they meet with the mobile apps developer – DC local vendors are preferred!

“My pet store has a mobile website, but I had never given a second thought to building mobile applications until I watched your videos on mobile app development. DC customers of our are crazy about their pets, so a pet app suddenly seemed intriguing. I worked with a mobile apps developer – DC guy I was referred to – and I worked with his mobile app development company to come up with an app suited to my small business. We worked with the mobile apps developer – Washington focused – so people can browse all the animals we have up for sale/adoption. We’ve got our puppies, kittens, bunnies, hamsters and more on the app. They can browse by pet type, allergies, size of their home, whether they have kids and a bunch of different aspects and then the app makes a pet recommendation and shows them the ones we have in the store available for take home that day – it’s been bringing in business left and right! Can’t thank you enough!”
Trish – Shipley Terrace
“My landscape design firm has been pretty active in mobile marketing, but I had no clue how to create mobile apps or how building mobile apps could benefit my business before I watched your free training on mobile app development. Washington homeowners are perfectionists, so building mobile applications on yard design was a fit for me and potential customers. My mobile app development company did all the technical work and I was the creative force – but the advice was invaluable from the mobile apps developer. Washington homeowners have downloaded this app, used it and then called me to implement what they came up with. Thanks – I never thought I could create mobile apps – now I’ve got a winner!”
Jeremy – Gallaudet
Are you still waiting? Why not try it – it’s free and will teach you the basics of mobile marketing as well as how to create mobile apps, how building mobile apps drives revenues, when to use mobile apps developers, what to look for in a mobile app development company and all aspects of mobile app development – DC small business owners act now – you’ve got nothing to lose! It’s easy to create a great app with a mobile apps developer – Washington business owners start today!


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