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Learn how to tap into political mobile marketing! Washington DC campaigns are launching political mobile advertising to reach more voters in real time via this interactive, intimate medium! Or free course on SMS marketing for politicians will show you all you need to know today!

Since Obama threw down the mobile marketing gauntlet in 2008 with dramatic success, political campaigns have to acknowledge the power of the mobile phone. 94% of Americans have cell phone and more than half of these are smart phones. Campaigns are increasingly utilizing SMS marketing and offering incentives like hats, shorts and even event tickets to encourage sign ups. Learn more now!



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With more and more Americans abandoning their landlines in favor of cell only, political campaigns are increasingly trying to find means to access voters and mobile marketing is a key to instant contact to those that matter – voters! Obama was able to use SMS marketing for politicians and build a database of over a million voters  by promising to release news of his vice-presidential running mate via text – it worked and many other campaigns have since embraced political mobile marketing. Washington DC campaign directors are taking notice!

Our free training on SMS marketing for politicians and political mobile marketing is the best tool in the arsenal of the modern campaign. Learn for free all you need to know about political mobile marketing. Washington DC politicos – watch now!



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What are campaigns saying about political SMS marketing?



Read these quotes from advocates of political mobile advertising on their results with SMS marketing.

  • One California Senate campaign rep said, “Many campaigns haven’t been brave enough and bold enough to step into this realm. We’re very comfortable and had excellent results.”
  • A Democratic campaign in VA said, “From a campaign’s perspective, texts are great, because there’s a really high open rate for those.”
  • A CEO of a political mobile ad strategy firm said, “You may not read an email because it ends up in your junk mail folder, but you’re darn sure going to read a text message.”


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SMS marketing for politicians is a game changer for political campaigns. Political mobile advertising will be a boon to those that embrace it and a detriment to those who don’t. If you are considering political mobile marketing, Washington DC campaigns in particular need to embrace this trend.

“Our Senate campaign needed an upsurge – we were the underdog and needed to amp up name recognition for our candidate. Your videos on political mobile advertising inspired us to try SMS marketing.  We’re already seeing results after just two weeks. We’ve got a text to us for t-shirts campaign that’s taking off and our list of voters has already doubled. Thank you!”
Thomas - Director of Marketing, State Senate Campaign, VA
“I’m launching a fact-finding campaign for a city commissioner seat and came across your videos on SMS marketing for politicians. I’ve used your ideas to integrate political mobile advertising into my pre-run activities and am building a healthy database of voters in my district. I’ve been sending out SMS marketing messages to keep voters informed on the issues that matter in our community and I’ve been getting great responses.”
Kate – Candidate for City Post, City Withheld
The future of campaigning in America is political mobile marketing. Washington DC political campaign managers take notice! SMS marketing for politicians is the next wave of voter outreach. As showing in the Obama campaign and many since, the power of mobile marketing extends far beyond retail and entertainment – and is becoming part of the political landscape. Watch our free political mobile marketing training today!


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